Here at Maco Light Labradors, we breed some of the best labs around. We have been breeding labs for 9 years now.  We compete with our dogs in hunt test and dogs shows. Don't be fooled by backyard breeders who sell puppies without vet checks, little to no care, and no health testing done on the parents.  Our dogs are kept on concrete, no muddy dirt runs here!!! Puppies will always stay with us until 8 weeks of age and will leave no sooner, we care about our pups socializing with mom and litter mates.  We sell all colors of labs from silver, charcoal, and champagne to standard black, yellow, and chocolate.  We only produce improvement breedings here with our dilutes (silver gene).  Beware buying silver and charcoal pups from breeders who breed silver to silver, charcoal to silver etc. This is color breeding and these breeders only want your money and do not care about the health of the puppies as adults. We may only have a few silvers or charcoals in a litter because we breed factored dogs to produce healthier pups. We provide a 26 month guarantee against hip dysplasia along with 9 other genetic disorders that our dogs are tested clear of.  We have both confirmation (show labs) and field labs (hunting labs).  Many of our dogs are titled, proven to be good hunting dogs, or have good confirmation in the ring.  We have several import dogs coming into breeding age and will be expecting half to full import litters soon.  We offer competitive prices on our beautiful puppies and will send them home with a vet wellness check being done, up to date on shots and worming and mirco-chipped, this will cost you $60-$100 at your vet.  We will provide you with a 15 digit micro-chip, which is accepted internationally for those planning on leaving the country. You can follow us on facebook and check out many of our reviews.  Many of our past customers would be more than happy to tell you about how healthy their puppies are, about their good buying experiences, and how happy and healthy our breeding adults are as well as how clean our facility is.  Do your research before you buy.  Lab puppies can be some of the best family dogs but do come with health concerns (as many other breeds) so make sure you are buying from an experienced breeder that will stand by you.


The Owners of Maco Light Labradors